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Shopping for assistive products

Assistive devices can help individuals perform a task that they might otherwise be unable to do, or simply make the task easier and safer to perform. A variety of products have been designed to help people with dementia or their caregivers, such as clocks, calendars, medication reminders, locator devices, stove element covers, therapeutic aids and more. Any of these devices might work well for one person, and be frustrating for another. Recognizing what will most improve your quality of life is a good first step in figuring out what products may work for you. The Alzheimer Society of Canada is often asked to recommend products or stores where they can be purchased. We have recently reviewed the following dementia-related online stores based in North America, as we know caregivers may find it helpful to know where to look for products and may find some of the items offered useful. Note that the Alzheimer Society of Canada does not endorse any particular products or information that may be found on the following websites.

Online stores carrying assistive products
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