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Shattering the myths

There are many myths surrounding dementia, some of which you’ll find here. Once you understand the myths, you’ll be better able to face the reality of dementia with the facts.

Myth: Because someone in my family has dementia, I am going to get it.

Myth: Dementia only affects older people.

Myth: There is a cure for dementia.

Myth: Memory loss means dementia.

Myth: Dementia is preventable.

Myth: Vitamins, supplements and memory boosters can prevent dementia.

Myth: A diagnosis of dementia means life is over.

Myth: All people who have dementia become violent and aggressive.

Myth: People with dementia cannot understand what is going on around them.

Myth: If I’m diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, it means my life is over.

Myth: My mother had Alzheimer’s, so I’m going to get it too.

Myth: There’s a cure for it.

Myth: Memory loss means Alzheimer’s disease.

Myth: Aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease.

Myth: Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented.

Myth: Taking supplements can prevent it.

Dispelling the myths Download our brochure for more details on myths and misconceptions. The Alzheimer Society would like to put an end to the myths surrounding Alzheimer’s disease. Learn about the disease. Seek help. Treat people with the disease with respect.

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