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Although doctors and researchers commonly use the word “dementia” to describe a group of diseases that includes Alzheimer’s disease, the Alzheimer Society prefers not to use this word in its own literature. (Of course, if we quote a text from outside that uses the word, or if the word is found in the title of a program or the name of another organization, we remain faithful to the original.)

The word “dementia” is pejorative, cold and disrespectful. We decided to avoid this very heavy word so as not to rekindle the pain of those affected and to ensure that our terminology does not create a barrier to the use of our programs and services. In this website, we use the terms “Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Diseases”, “Cognitive Disorders”, or simply “Disease” to describe all these forms of disease, whether reversible or irreversible. If we talk about a specific disease, we use the name of this disease: Alzheimer’s disease, fronto-temporal degeneration or cerebrovascular disease for example.When it is necessary to specify the form of cognitive disorder in question, we do so by adding the adjective “reversible” or “irreversible”.