National week of caregivers

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Caregivers, meet us at HUDDOL!

For more than 30 years, the FQSA has represented, maintained and defended the rights of the 141,000 Quebecers with Alzheimer’s or/and other forms of dementia and their caregivers.

For every person with the disease, there are from one to three (and sometimes as many as eight) family and friend caregivers whose lives are also disrupted. This has an impact on the workforce, the Quebec economy and our society in general.

To provide greater support for caregivers, the Federation of Quebec Alzheimer’s Societies is proud to become part of the HUDDOL Community, in particular with respect to research, where it is committed to programs to advance our understanding of the causes and treatments and a cure for Alzheimer’s and other other forms of dementia.

What is Huddol?

Huddol is a platform that provides caregivers assistance from caregivers and professionals. Huddol makes it possible to share and solve the daily problems encountered by family and friend caregivers in dealing with the simplest needs. The rich Huddol social environment assists caregivers in finding the best sources of support by keeping them connected to their peers, experts and a network of public and private resources. For caregivers, creating their own care community through Huddol means that they will always have a network at their side. It also means successfully helping the nearly 8.1 million caregivers in Canada navigate the caring experience with the help of the expertise and knowledge of other caregivers and a network of experts on the platform – available at any time, anywhere.

“Huddol is the product of more than 13 years of expertise in assisting caregivers throughout the country, thanks to our work at The Caregiver Network. Given the likely future of health services and the growing expectations placed on families, the time has come to create a place that provides support to caregivers. We have created Huddol to do just that,” says Huddol’s CEO, Mark Stolow.

Caregivers wishing to join our Huddol community can reach it by clicking on this link: