John Ryan's provincial tour

Traduction / Translation: Français

People affected with Alzheimer’s take part in the creation of a mural by John Ryan

As part of a province-wide art project, the Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies has invited the 20 regional Societies to participate in the creation of a mural by renown artist John Ryan. This mural is intended to honour not only the resilience but also the many talents of those with Alzheimer’s disease as well as the more than 30 years of efforts by the 20 Alzheimer Societies in Quebec who help them to retain the best quality of life possible.

The mural will include 20 superposed canvases, each of which will reflect the special features of each Society and its respective region. During a provincial tour by the painter, which will begin on October 31 and continue until December, Mr. Ryan will visit the Societies and bring insights and advice to those with the disease who are deeply interested in painting, as part of a simulation or art therapy activity during which the canvases will be painted.

The final work will be unveiled and exhibited publicly in Montreal as part of the National Awareness Campaign for Alzheimer’s disease in January 2018.