Traduction / Translation: Français

I am Howard Roth (Howie) a retired teacher, member of the art therapy program of Alzheimer Society of Montreal

About 2 years ago I got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It wasn’t expected, but my memory was bullshit. Funny thing is, I had always done lots of crosswords and people kept telling me it was good for my brain and would help me avoid Alzheimer’s. Well guess what? Crosswords are not a protection.

I always say I chose the right profession. As a teacher my job allowed me to speak, which is therapy for me. When I go to the Alzheimer’s Society of Montreal, my best therapy is when I make other people laugh and I get to converse with them. The coffee is not the best but I deal with it because my time at the Alzheimer’s Society makes me feel good.
Recently I had a driving exam and I succeeded. That makes me proud and shows that Alzheimer’s did not take everything away from me.

I live on my own. I have a beer when I feel like it and see my friends.
My memory might be bad but my life isn’t.

I won’t lie, it’s frustrating and I’m a little nervous. But if I’m lucky I have 4-5 years left of independence…I’m still here!

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