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Ingrid St-Pierre

Ingrid St-Pierre, spokesperson for the Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies

The Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies is proud and pleased to announce that Ingrid St-Pierre will be the next spokesperson for the Alzheimer Movement. Already aware of Alzheimer’s disease , it is with certainty and a lot of enthusiasm that Ingrid St-Pierre agreed to raise her voice for the cause. 

More than 125 000 Quebecers are living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and this number could reach 260 000 people within a generation. It was important for Ingrid St-Pierre to join the Federation and raise awareness among the public for a need of action: “We had doubts that grand-mother was facing memory loss, her behavior changed slightly, but when we received the diagnosis, we were able to better understand the different changes she was going through, to ask for help and more importantly to receive it. So far, there is no cure to stop the progression of the disease, but every moment spent with grand-mother is so precious and together, we can make a difference so that people living with Alzheimer’s disease, their families and their caregivers continue their fight in dignity”.

Ingrid has reached thousands of fans thanks to her song «Ficelles » dedicated to her grand-mother. Composer, singer and song writer, Ingrid St-Pierre will surely raise awareness among the public for a need to talk about Alzheimer’s disease with no more taboo or stigma.